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Who would you place your faith in?

Laurence Allen “Larry” Elder (born April 27, 1952) is an accomplished, successful, FREE THINKING American citizen who is often threatened, harassed, bullied, denigrated and disparaged as a “sell-out” “Uncle Tom” and “Oreo” by significant numbers of hateful, illogical thinking “Pro-Black or Conscious Black Community” American citizens wishing to silence Mr. Elder for speaking about why far too many black or African American citizens, including President “My Brother’s Keeper” WH guests, compose music hatefully denigrating black or African American girls and women as less than human *itches and *hores or “hoes” unworthy of being treated with basic human respect. #FatherlessKids

Larry Elder was born in Los Angeles and grew up in the city’s Pico-Union and South Central areas, Elder attended Washington Preparatory High School and later graduated from Crenshaw High School and earned his B.A.. in political science in 1974 from Brown University. He then earned his J.D. from University of Michigan Law School in 1977.[7] After graduation, he worked with a law firm in Cleveland, Ohio, where he practiced litigation. In 1980, he founded Laurence A. Elder and Associates, recruiting attorneys.

A question for my sensible, reasonably intelligent fellow American citizens and foreign born neighbors.

Whose opinions are you more inclined to rely on? An accomplished, Ivy League school educated citizen PEACEFULLY offering his neighbors verifiable FACTS about our Nation’s fading, ignorant Culture of Racism?

Or are you inclined to rely on a population of apparent emotionally ill, segregationist minded American citizens offering SKEWED FACTS while THREATENING, HATING, BULLYING and attempting to prevent our accomplished, successful American neighbors from peacefully pursuing THEIR OWN individually unique vision for L, L, (Love) and Happiness? 😦

#JusticeClarenceThomas, #LarryElder, #ThomasSowell, #DrBenCarson, #CrystalWright, #AlanWest, #StephenASmith, #StaceyDash, #HermanCain, #SenatorTimScott, #DavidClarke, and #WalterWilliams are a few PEACEFUL, accomplished, FREE THINKING, successful American citizens, as well as ADULT role models for black or African American children and teens, targeted for HATE & DISCRIMINATION by a significant population of apparent illogical, slow-to-evolve American people.

In case there is any confusion, I am writing about and sharing evidence of America’s MUCH IGNORED, oppressive, potentially life scarring African American PARENTAL CHILD CARE HEALTH CRISIS that I, as well as a growing number of my reasonably responsible, caring, concerned American and foreign born neighbors believe is impeding our American neighbors of African descent from experiencing the equality and respect all peaceful, reasonably responsible Americans are entitled to enjoy.

“Princella’s PAIN – ‘Pro-Black’ Americans Sexualizing Our Nation’s Children”

“Emotionally Ill Woman Wants Her ‘TRIFLING SAVAGE’ Black Sisters Destroyed!” ~Chyna Fox

NSFW video filled with genuine human emotion and PAIN.

Am I the only American hoping that more and more of my American and foreign born neighbors RECOGNIZE and embrace the fact our imperfect human species will continue evolving, learning day by day about our human condition and physical world, slowly shedding our human ignorance and adapting as we continue plodding along trying to improve the Quality of Life for all human beings!


American (Children’s) Lives Matter; Take Pride In Parenting; End Our National Health Crisis; Child Abuse and Neglect; End Community Violence/Fear, Police Anxiety & Educator’s Frustrations

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“America’s Firm Resolve to End Childhood Abuse and Neglect”

Video: Black American Patriot Angrily Denounces His Racist Neighbors

In this NSFW recording an American man passionately shares his unfiltered thoughts about a specific population of his American neighbors he…

Source: Video: Black American Patriot Angrily Denounces His Racist Neighbors


Video: Black American Patriot Angrily Denounces His Racist Neighbors

I am fairly certain this man has more than 4:41 minutes of pain to share.


View at


Causes For Police Fear & Educator’s Frustrations?




Causes For Police Fear & Misconduct?

Let’s begin by examining some basic facts.

NY Times May 18, 2015 – Rise in Suicide by Black Children Surprises Researchers

Quoting the NYT article, “The suicide rate among black children has nearly doubled since the early 1990s, surpassing the rate for white children, a new study has found.”

Who or what is responsible for traumatizing, abusing, neglecting, maltreating young developing children to the point where depressed young kids, we’re talking elementary school children, believe their lives are not worth living?

abiola abrams
Abiola Abrams – Putting one title on Abiola Abrams is simply impossible. The proud Caribbean and Harlem-based owner of does it all.

Abiola Abrams, “The Myth of The Strong Black Woman Is Killing Us, Literally!”


More than once, 2015 Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar speaks to the media about his abusive childhood that resulted in adolescent depression from witnessing his adult family members selling drugs to their neighbors and using firearms to enforce or protect their drug operations.


Respected American rapper Tupac Shakur rapped about depression, waking in the morning contemplating suicide, before leaving his home to rob a neighbor’s purse so he can feed his hungry belly.


As a preteen, popular American rapper and supposedly reformed drug dealer Shawn Jay Z Carter shot his drug addicted older brother for stealing from a family member.

Shawn evolves into a teen and young man writing rap performances describing using his automatic ‘Mack Milli’ to defend his drug crew/gang from rival crews/gangs and to dominate through fear and violence peaceful people living and working in the Marcy Houses and adjoining neighborhoods.


When addressing police misconduct, wouldn’t it make sense to first examine root causes for why police fear for their safety and lives…fear that sometimes leads to excessive use of force as a means of self protection or venting their own anger and frustration from being constantly physically or otherwise threatened by depressed, anti-social, unpredictable, sometimes suicidal teens and adults lacking empathy and compassion for others?

Based on my experiences during the nearly twelve years I provided police services to a Brooklyn, NY community, I concluded the root cause of police fear that leads to police using excessive force results from emotional stresses born from constantly dealing with depressed, angry, frustrated, unpredictable, sometimes suicidal teens and adults who were victims of our expanding and shameful National Epidemic of Early Childhood Abuse and Neglect, aka Poverty at the hands of mostly immature single moms who irresponsibly build families before acquiring the practical skills, PATIENCE and means to properly raise and nurture a child who experiences and enjoys a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood.

Most cops are able to cope with witnessing daily, physical and emotional devastation inflicted on peaceful people by emotionally abused and neglected victims of early childhood abuse who mature into frustrated, angry teens and adults resenting their single moms and/or dads for introducing them to a life of pain, hardships and struggles.

However, some officers, much like developing children are irresponsibly conditioned by their immature caregivers to accept a Street Culture of violence and anti-social behaviors…sadly, some cops are slowly conditioned to accept the Street Culture of violence as well, succumbing to the violence and mayhem they are near-constantly surrounded by.

Unfortunately for police, they are charged with protecting peaceful people from abused and neglected children who often mature into depressed, angry, frustrated, unpredictable, sometimes suicidal teens and adults venting their anger and frustrations on their peaceful neighbors.

Yet many young, teen and adult victims of Early Childhood Abuse and Neglect are unwilling to blame their abusive or negligent moms and/or dads for depriving them of a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood, so they share their anger and frustrations with their peaceful neighbors or police by engaging in harmful anti-social, often violent activities that cause fear and physical trauma to peaceful people living and working in stressed communities.

Can I be frank?

toya michael thug life
T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E. – “The Hate U Give Little Infants Fvvks Everyone” ~Tupac Shakur

If Baltimore Mom of The Year Toya Graham had built a smaller family she could more easily provide for, nurture and supervise, would her young teen son be in The Street attempting to cause grave harm to peaceful people attempting to protect Ms. Graham’s peaceful neighbors from emotional and physical harm often caused to innocent people by depressed, angry frustrated teens and young men who are peeved for irresponsibly being introduced to a life of struggle and hardship?

Michael singleton
Baltimore Mom of The Year 2015 Toya Graham’s Emotionally Ill Teen Son

I am not condoning or excusing police misconduct. Cops are supposed to be a cut above the rest of our citizenry…men and women who respect our laws, impartially enforcing them.

However, I am offering a point of view that very few wish to address.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke offers sound advice all Americans, “Fix the ghetto!”

I am hoping when camera technology proves its mettle in protecting police officers, as well as identifying officers who require further training or officers who have no business serving the public in a LE capacity, we will use that same technology to protect children by monitoring the common area of homes in which caregivers have established a track record for failing to properly raise, nurture and/or supervise their children.

Recently I watched a video that saddened me as well as enlightened me when I learned child welfare investigators test the hair of child abuse victims for “ambient” exposure to drugs.

Holy smokes, the numbers were critical. At the least cameras would expose signs of intoxication in homes identified as requiring extra care to prevent children from being emotionally and or physically harmed.

If we do not take affirmative action to protect children, “the ghetto” will continue to thrive, fueled by poor parenting, resulting with depressed kids maturing into depressed teens and adults who often vent their angers and frustrations on their peaceful neighbors, instead of the person(s) responsible for introducing them to a life of hardship, pain and struggle.

The question all concerned, compassionate Americans should seriously be asking ourselves, our elected, civil, social, community and religious leaders is, “What real substantial changes in our society’s attitude and laws need to occur to prevent abuse that often causes young kids to mature into depressed, frustrated, angry, unpredictable, sometimes suicidal teens and adults as a result of experiencing the emotional and/or physical trauma of an abusive childhood?

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Take Pride In Parenting; End Our National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect; End Community Violence, Police Fear & Educator’s Frustrations

Is Jaye DeBlack incorrect about his assessment of many SINGLE MOMS and how they are emotionally harming a substantial population of our nation’s children by irresponsibly building families out of selfishness – instead of caring and love between two committed adult partners?


Emotional Abuse


Sandra Bland Indirectly Speaks About Child Abuse and Neglect Harming Her Quality of Life And Community

Social Activist Sandra Bland


Victims of Child Abuse

This video depicts horrific examples of men who were victims of childhood abuse and neglect, conditioning a young teen to embrace ‘The Street’ culture Baltimore Mom of The Year failed to protect her teen son from…not to mention representing the fear peaceful people living and WORKING in the community experience knowing depressed, angry, unpredictable teens and young adults need to vent their angers and frustrations for being introduced to a life of pain and struggle by irresponsible, “living wild” single moms and/or dads.


A little girl, catching a cool breeze from an air conditioning unit in the yard, was blindsided by another child about her same age, who had evidently had some practice with fighting fierce. The small victim wasn’t alone, as there were plenty of nearby witnesses, who could have protected her but didn’t because they were too busy recording the brutal beat down and encouraging it. | Written By Amanda Shea

Depraved Indifference for Human Life?

What I see in this recorded act of criminal child abuse, is adults conditioning children to embrace the cycle of child abuse, child maltreatment and violence passed down from generation to generation by depressed Americans who are content living in the poverty they are primarily responsible for fueling when irresponsibly birthing children from selfishness, instead of the love between two committed adult partners.

Unedited Mirror:

red-dotVictims of Child Abuse – Brooklyn, NY:


Nationally Popular Victims of Early Childhood Abuse and Neglect

Read popular American rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur (Lesane Parish Crooks; June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996) lyrics to learn about his love-hate relationship with his mom, his great disappointment with his dad, and about Tupac’s frequent suicidal thoughts.

Read about how Tupac’s drug addicted mother accepted proceeds of the harmful anti-social acts Tupac raps/writes about committing against his peaceful neighbors. I have to tell you, reading Tupac’s lyrics brings back a lot memories of the horrific emotional child abuse I witnessed during the nearly twelve year I provided police services to Shawn Carter’s community.

Shawn “Jay Z” Carter (born December 4, 1969) is another victim of child abuse/neglect who raps/writes about the physical harm and fear he caused to his peaceful neighbors and community.

Reading Shawn “Jay Z” Carter describe the pain he caused to his neighbors and community, brought back painful memories, causing me experience much of the same anxiety and pain I experienced from personally witnessing the physical and emotional pain young Shawn Carter caused to individuals as well as an entire housing complex and surrounding neighborhoods.

In 1987, the same year emotionally depressed 2015 Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar was born, songwriter Suzanne Vega wrote a song about child abuse and VICTIM DENIAL that was nominated for a Grammy.

Suzanne nailed it, parents and caregivers do the most horrific things to their kids, yet many kids will defend their abusers, blaming themselves for their “blues,” bruises and injuries before admitting a parent/caretaker harmed them.

“Yes I think I’m okay I walked into the door again
Well, if you ask that’s what I’ll say

And it’s not your business anyway”

Victim of America’s expanding and shameful *National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect,* aka *Poverty*, that for decades has deprived untold numbers of emotionally abused and neglected young developing children from experiencing and enjoying a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood!