“The Black Community”

Hello. Please help me here. Specifically, in America who are the citizens populating “The Black Community?”

Are Independent Free-Thinking Americans like attorney Larry Elder, Ret. Lt. Colonel Allen West, economist Dr. Thomas Sowell, Ph.D, social activist Candace Owens or actor Isaiah Washington respected members of “The Black Community?”

How about Segregation-minded, Intra-Racial Discrimination and HATE practicing Pro Black Americans like economist Dr. Boyce Watkins, Ph.D, clinical psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson, Ph.D, activist Michelle Kulczyk (Mechee X) and anti-racism strategist Tariq Nasheed? Are they members in good standing with “The Black Community?”

Do members of the “The Black Community” believe it’s cool and acceptable when community members choose to bully, harass, intimidate, denigrate and in some instances threaten violence toward other members of “The Black Community?”

When Independent Free-Thinking Americans choose to speak and share evidence regarding issues they believe “The Black Community” needs to address, why are Pro Black Americans quick to belittle and shame Independent Free-Thinking Americans, treating them with gross disrespect?

This is were my confusion lies, causing me to believe “The Black Community” is in big trouble when I witness seemingly responsible community members seek to address important issues affecting their lives, and then witness apparent hateful community members choosing to shout-down and denigrate those wanting to improve fellow citizen’s Quality of Life.

Keeping it MORE Real While there are countless Americans of African descent who speak or rap about hate, there is one prominent citizen who spoke the truth about the infancy of hate. Truth that today is supported by medical research indicating family and community environments can have a positive or negative impact on a child’s fragile developing brain.

Sadly, it appears segments of “The Black Community” choose not to question why, of all the social issues affecting admitted emotionally troubled Gun Violence Homicide and Childhood Trauma (#ACEs) victim Tupac Shakur, he chose to permanently scar his once NEGLECTED, hungry, “hurting” belly with his much ignored, often misinterpreted T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E. Child Abuse, Emotional Neglect, Abandonment and Maltreatment AWARENESS-PREVENTION PSA >>>

“The HATE U Give Little Infants Fvvks EVERYONE


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_DENOUNCE Intra-Racial PRO BLACK HATEMechee x, Vicki Dillard, Kanye West, candace owensBernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Ben Carson

Ignoring illogical bullies, bravely, this American speaks about experiencing HATEFUL PROBLACK influence during his childhood upbringing.

“I Used to Hate White People | My #WalkAway Story” by It’s Kyou – 422,440 views

Succinctly, veteran social commentator Mr. David Carroll explains how to become an admired SUPPORTER of America’s large #Segregation-minded, FEMALE-dominated, LIBERAL-leaning #IntraRacialDiscrimination & HATE practicing #ProBlackCommunity:

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