Child Abuse Victims Sharing TEARS and PAIN

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“Fathers Speak On The Struggle, Pain & Hurt Caused By Having Their Kids Kept From Them By Their EX!” by Tommy Sotomayor Back In Action! •Streamed live on Feb 16, 2020 – 22,385 views

Hello. Since becoming a Tommy Sotomayor subscriber in 2014, this is the first time I witnessed Tommy and a guest bawling their eyes out while discussing the PAIN they experienced during their FATHERLESS childhood upbringing.

During this discussion one of Tommy’s guests breaks down in tears as he speaks about his mom beating him with a broom stick when he asked to call his dad on Father’s Day.

Sadly, it appears a broom stick may be the weapon of choice for emotionally or mentally ill mothers wishing to discipline their children.

In the following broadcast organized crime associate and serial killer Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski reveals the HATRED he felt toward his mother who would beat him with a broom stick.

“Serial Murderer Reveals He Was Raised & Nurtured To HATE”

#Medical Scientist explains Mafia Hitman The Iceman’s Criminal Parents:

#TupacShakur explains #THUGLIFE:

⚠️ Strong Language ⚠️ Viewer Discretion Is Advised ⚠️ Fact & Truth Warning

‘Black women are destroying themselves and black men’ The Devils Advocate

THE SOULution >>>

Early Brain & Child Development (EBCD) Scientist Dr. Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD, Explains To Child Abuse Victim-Survivor Oprah Winfrey Why Kids & ADULTS Are Hurting:

Dr. Perry’s detailed presentation:

Cali Surgeon General, Dr. Burke Harris:

‘How “Toxic Stress” (CHILD ABUSE) Affects Children’s Health’ ~California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris


Peace ♥

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