Wow, You Must See How Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Look Now

The Fifth Dimension

Wow, You Must See How Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Look Now

I grew up during the period of American history when The Fifth Dimension’s peaceful, timeless, extremely well composed and written music dominated the AM radio airwaves.

Frankly, I miss the days when successful, accomplished black or American musicians and singers of African descent were showing off their skills, talent, PEACEFULNESS and generosity by sharing with our world beautifully composed and written, soon-to-be CLASSIC American music art praising, adoring, honoring, wooing, lamenting, loving and RESPECTING the maternal half of our Nation’s population.

The music composed back-in-the-day by apparent loving, peaceful black or American citizens of African descent convinced YOUNG developing me they are cool, peaceful, loving people more than deserving of my admiration and respect.

Honestly, in today’s world I have HUGE concerns about how VIOLENCE riddled, FEMALE DENIGRATING music art composed by large numbers of popular black or American music artists of African descent affects or INFLUENCES the minds of children and teens.

And frankly, I am NOT happy that a sitting American president and his GIRL POWER first lady invited to their children’s and Nation’s home at least ONE DOZEN apparent or admitted emotionally troubled American urban story-TRUTH-tellers composing GUN VIOLENCE riddled music art, as well as promoting music art HATEFULLY informing people residing all around our beautiful tiny blue orb, that black or American girls, women and MOTHERS of African descent, should be viewed as less than human b*tches and treated like *hores or ‘hoes’ undeserving of being offered basic human respect.


President Barack “My Brother’s Keeper” & First Lady Michelle “GIRL POWER” Obama