Oz Senator: People Fleeing Islamic Areas ‘To Protect Daughters’

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Senator Malcolm Roberts claims Australians are “fleeing areas of heavy migrant settlement, especially Islamic settlement” to protect children

Source: Oz Senator: People Fleeing Islamic Areas ‘To ProtectDaughters’

“If immigrants are to assimilate we should be choosing those from cultures with a track record of ready assimilation,” argued Senator Roberts, pointing out that Australians had few complaints about “Buddhists, or Sikhs, or Hindus, or Jews or Catholics or Protestants and so on”.

“How can we expect people wedded to an ideology masquerading as a religion that specifically precludes assimilation, to assimilate and integrate?” he asked. “We can’t.”


“America is a nation of immigrants. We’re not a nation of refugees.” ~Dinesh D’Souza


I Am Not A “White Person”

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Facebooker Jim Robertson asks, “ Why, White people, is everything about you and how you feel?”

Source: I Am Not A “White Person”