‘Impeach The Mothefvvker’ Childhood Trauma (#ACEs) Victim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib

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Hello, to my responsible, civil, reasonably well-balanced American and foreign born neighbors.

Regarding ‘Childhood Trauma’ (#ACEs) victim Congresswoman Rashida ‘Impeach The Mothefvvker’ Tlaib, WHO THROUGH NO FAULT OF HER OWN, experienced a potentially life scarring medical disease known as ‘Childhood Trauma’ or ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences (#ACEs).

On Sunday, March 11, 2018, during a 60 Minutes segment titled “Treating Trauma”, when ‘Childhood Trauma’ (#ACEs) victim-survivor Oprah Winfrey asks Domestic Abuse victim-survivor Belinda Pittman-McGee if she believes the cycle of Poverty, Joblessness, Homelessness and Incarceration can be solved without first addressing the issue of ‘Childhood Trauma’…Mrs. Pittman-McGee immediately replies, “No.”

Now that ‘Childhood Trauma’ (#ACEs) victim-survivor Oprah Winfrey LOUDLY addressed our Nation’s CHILD CARE PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS, will ‘Childhood Trauma’ (ACEs) victim Rashida Tlaib join Oprah & Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, MD, pediatrician & CEO of the ‘Center For Youth Wellness’, in passionately calling for a National MOVEMENT educating American & foreign born primary child caregivers about a potentially life scarring medical disease/condition:

“Childhood Trauma” aka
“Adverse Childhood Experiences” (#ACEs)

During a March 11, 2018 ’60 Minutes’ segment titled, “Treating Trauma,” Oprah Winfrey, a ‘Childhood Trauma’ (#ACEs) victim-survivor, shared knowledge regarding America’s easily PREVENTABLE, though potentially life scarring CHILD CARE PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS.

EYE-OPENING knowledge Oprah exuberantly confirms is a “game changer.”

YouTube search terms: “Oprah Winfrey ‘Fixing The ‘Hole In Your Soul'”

The late ‘Childhood Trauma’ (#ACEs) victim Tupac Shakur’s T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E. Child Abuse, Emotional Neglect, Abandonment & Maltreatment AWARENESS-PREVENTION concept applies to American and foreign born citizens of ALL backgrounds:

T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E. – “The Hate U Give Little Infants Fvvks EVERYONE” ~Tupac Shakur

“We need more people who care; you know what I’m saying? We need more women, mothers, fathers, we need more of that…” ~Tupac Shakur, American urban story-TRUTH-teller

I look forward to reading your reply, with hopes of intelligently discussing SOLUTIONS for PREVENTING large numbers of our Nation’s most precious and cherished assets from experiencing, THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, a traumatic, potentially life scarring childhood and teen upbringing fraught with Struggles, PAIN, Hardships, COMMUNITY FEAR, Frustrations, Uncertainty, Depression, Sorrow, Sadness, Torment, Demeaning Government Handouts, Resentment, HATE and COMMUNITY VIOLENCE!

Belinda Pittman-McGee - Oprah Winfrey
Belinda Pittman-McGee – Oprah Winfrey


American (Children) Lives Matter; Take Pride In Parenting; End Our National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect


#FATHERLESS American Kids vs. DELUSIONAL American Moms


I suspect, as our Nation’s population of #FATHERLESS children, teens and adults grows larger, we will witness an increasing number of ‘people and community anti-social acts’ committed by angry, frustrated teens and adults full, or half full of rage and resentment for being deprived, THRU NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, of having a responsible, caring, loving father residing in their home to help mentor and guide them through life’s challenges and obstacles.

Frankly, I believe a growing population of SELFISH, immature American teen girls and women of all backgrounds are deluding themselves into believing a single teen girl or woman can responsibly raise, nurture and socialize a fairly or wonderfully happy child, especially a boy, maturing into a reasonably well adjusted, emotionally healthy responsible teen and adult who is not somewhat or totally peeved at mom for intentionally depriving them of having a caring, loving dad who can protect them when mom begins acting a bit crazy or becomes overly-emotional when dealing with stresses inherent to parenting.

Improving the Quality of Life, as well as emotional health and well being of our Nation’s people begins with honestly RECOGNIZING the late American urban-TRUTH-teller and “Childhood Trauma’ (#ACEs) victim Tupac Shakur’s #T_H_U_G_L_I_F_E Child Abuse, Emotional Neglect & Maltreatment AWARENESS concept applies to all Americans, as well as our foreign born neighbors!

“The Hate U Give Little Infants Fvvks EVERYONE” ~Tupac Shakur

“We need more people who care; you know what I’m saying? We need more women, mothers, fathers, we need more of that…” ~Tupac Shakur


Tupac Shakur Childhood Trauma (ACEs) Victim – Pediatrician Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, MD, Childhood Trauma (ACEs) Researcher


Belinda Pittman-McGee, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, M.D., pediatrician
Belinda Pittman-McGee, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, M.D., pediatrician

[Video] Victim of Early Childhood Abuse Gets A Gun From His MAMA

gun violence

 Take Pride In Parenting; End Child Abuse Neglect; End Community Violence & Police Fear

America Needs To Re-Examine Child Welfare & Protection Laws

Violence and anti-social behaviors like this often occur when emotionally or physically abused and neglected developing young children mature into frustrated teens or adults lacking empathy and compassion, though filled with rage and resentment for being introduced to a life of pain and struggle.

How much longer will America ignore the expanding sub-culture of immature American teen girls and young women of African descent who subject their children to Child Abuse and Neglect by building families with too many mouths to feed?

Mouths attached to children who mature into depressed, angry, unpredictable teens and adults resenting their single-mothers for introducing them to a life of pain and struggle, yet want to blame everyone except their moms for depriving them of the opportunity to enjoy and experience a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood.


If Baltimore Mom of The Year Toya Graham had built a smaller family she could more easily provide for, nurture and supervise, would her young teen son be in The Street attempting to cause grave harm to peaceful people attempting to protect Ms. Graham’s peaceful neighbors from emotional and physical harm often caused to innocent people by depressed, angry frustrated teens and young men who are peeved for irresponsibly being introduced to a life of struggle and hardship?

I grew up listening to Motown artists loving, respecting, praising and adoring women in their songs.

For more than thirty years a substantial number of American rap performance artists have been characterizing the maternal half of our population as *itches and *hores.


Speaking At The Eulogy For The Honorable Reverend Clementa Pinckney, President Barack Obama said:

“Perhaps it causes us to examine what we’re doing to cause some of our children to hate.” (Applause.)

Is this an important question or is it not worth looking into?

Are we going to address this tough question posed by our president?

Are we going to take real, tangible action – sincerely and honestly working toward ending America’s growing National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect that for generations has deprived countless children from experiencing and enjoying a safe, fairly happy American Kid childhood?

NY Times May 18, 2015 – Rise in Suicide by Black Children Surprises Researchers)

Quoting the NYT article, “The suicide rate among black children has nearly doubled since the early 1990s, surpassing the rate for white children, a new study has found.”


Who is responsible for traumatizing, abusing, neglecting, maltreating children to the point where depressed young kids believe their lives are not worth living?



Victims of Child Abuse:





Read popular American rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur (Lesane Parish Crooks; June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996) lyrics to learn about his love-hate relationship with his mom, his great disappointment with his dad, and about Tupac’s frequent suicidal thoughts.

Read about how Tupac’s drug addicted mother accepted proceeds of the harmful anti-social acts Tupac raps/writes about committing against his peaceful neighbors. I have to tell you, reading Tupac’s lyrics brings back a lot memories of the horrific emotional child abuse I witnessed during the nearly twelve year I provided police services to Shawn Carter’s community.



Shawn “Jay Z” Carter (born December 4, 1969) is another victim of child abuse/neglect who raps/writes about the physical harm and fear he caused to his peaceful neighbors and community.

Reading Shawn “Jay Z” Carter describe the pain he caused to his neighbors and community, brought back painful memories, causing me experience much of the same anxiety and pain I experienced from personally witnessing the physical and emotional pain young Shawn Carter caused to individuals as well as an entire housing complex and surrounding neighborhoods.


In 1987, the same year emotionally depressed 2015 Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar was born, songwriter Suzanne Vega wrote a song about child abuse and VICTIM DENIAL that was nominated for a Grammy.

Suzanne nailed it, parents and caregivers do the most horrific things to their kids, yet many kids will defend their abusers, blaming themselves for their “blues,” bruises and injuries before admitting a parent/caretaker harmed them.

“Yes I think I’m okay I walked into the door again
Well, if you ask that’s what I’ll say

And it’s not your business anyway”