11-Year-Old Girl Charged With Snatching Dog in Florida Neighborhood

“11-Year-Old Girl Charged With Snatching Dog in Florida Neighborhood”

I find it amazing how some children this age possess compassion, empathy and respect for their neighbors, yet others either have no clue OR they just don’t care.

Thankfully modern technology brought a swift resolution to sad case and brought a family member Reba back home where she belongs.

Hopefully a responsible person educates this child.


Woman Who Was Teased About Being Different, Is Now Making Money Moves Because Of It

Berlange Presilus


Frankly, I become sad, angry and frustrated with fellow human beings believing it is cool or okay to belittle, harass, bully or shame a peaceful fellow human, WHO THRU NO FAULT OF HIS OR HER OWN, is experiencing and dealing with a medical disease or condition.

Thankfully, Berlange Presilus recognized her path is to bring AWARENESS, as well as share knowledge about a rare debilitating medical disease and condition.

A medical condition that not only caused physical pain. A medical condition that caused Ms. Presilus to experience emotional pain and discomfort witnessing human ignorance, as well as lack of compassion, empathy and respect for a peaceful fellow human, who through no fault of her own, is dealing with a painful, Quality of Life harming human disease that could affect anyone one of us.