2 Ga. Cops Fired After Video of Them Punching, Kicking Motorist During Traffic Stop

It seems as if you can’t just beat up a man at a traffic stop even as a law-enforcement officer. Two Georgia police officers who authorities say were involved in the assault of a man during a traffic stop—where one punched the man as his hands were raised, and the other stomped the man in the head as he was handcuffed—were fired Thursday.

Source: 2 Ga. Cops Fired After Video of Them Punching, Kicking Motorist During Traffic Stop


Thanks to a competent Police Commander acting on irrefutable evidence of police misconduct provided by community members, my American neighbors residing in Gwinnett County, Ga are a bit safer.

Let’s hope more officers get the message about treating others the way they want to be treated…with a minimum of respect!



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“America’s Firm Resolve to End Childhood Abuse and Neglect”

‘Kill More Cops’ Graffiti Found Along California Freeway | Fox News Insider

A disturbing “Kill More Cops” mural has appeared along Interstate 5 in Los Angeles.

Source: ‘Kill More Cops’ Graffiti Found Along California Freeway | Fox News Insider


Obama Questions Why Some American Children Hate – No Answers

Does the late Tupac Shakur, a popular American urban storyteller, recording artist, admitted emotionally ill street thug and THROUGH NO FAULT OF HIS OWN, a victim of America’s long-standing “Culture of Racism” that evolved into America’s “Culture of Childhood Trauma. Abuse, Neglect & Maltreatment”, offer a reasonable explanation for why some American children “hate?”

Does Tupac offer a reasonable explanation for why significant numbers of American children are being impeded or prevented from maturing into reasonably responsible, well-adjusted American teens and adults who become scientists, engineers, business owners, educators and leaders?

Tupac describes his T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E. American kid childhood:

“The Hate U Give Little Infants Fvvks Everyone”

Tupac was well aware that not only are American kids being UNJUSTLY OPPRESSED, IMPEDED and DEPRIVED from experiencing their full human potential, Tupac realized OUR NATION is being deprived of enjoying the potential achievements offered to ALL Americans by reasonably well adjusted kids maturing into responsible teens and adults who care about the future of OUR Nation.

Frankly, I was kind of freaked, though not surprised, when I learned Tupac matured into a admittedly depressed, suicidal thinking teen and adult so filled with emotional pain and anger for being unjustly OPPRESSED and deprived from experiencing a SAFE, fairly or wonderfully happy American kid childhood, he felt a need to permanently scar his body, causing the letters T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E. to be boldly tattooed across his once NEGLECTED, hurting, hungry belly.

The emotional trauma experienced by an entire population of peaceful, loving, caring human beings who through no fault of their own were enslaved and oppressed will no doubt require several generations pass before the pain eases, and several more generations for the emotional scars to heal.

Centuries and multiple generations of children experiencing Childhood Trauma, daily witnessing their loved ones and friends being unjustly oppressed, treated as less than human, and not just during childhood, but throughout their entire lives, UNDERSTANDABLY caused a significant numbers people of African descent to experience emotional issues throughout their lifetimes.

Sadly, for decades a significant number of popular American urban storytellers have been vividly describing the emotional issues they’ve been dealing with throughout their lifetimes as a result of being raised and nurtured by depressed Americans who continue dealing with emotional issues that resulted from experiencing centuries of America’s oppressive and longstanding ignorant Culture of Racism.

Even sadder is the fact that more and more American children are being introduced to what most Americans characterized as Poverty.

Though my experiences, as well as the life experiences vividly described by a significant numbers of popular urban storytellers tells me is in FACT, a Culture of Child Abuse and Neglect perpetuated by grossly irresponsible single mothers conditioning their children to believe they are experiencing a tough childhood because the police are their oppressors and ‘white’ people hate them, believing ‘black’ people are less than human creatures, unworthy of basic human respect.

Frankly, to the best of my knowledge there isn’t one American police officer traveling all around the world performing popular American art characterizing the maternal half, or any other segment of our American population, as less than human creatures unworthy of respect.

However, there are a significant number of American police officers regularly witnessing and affected by the Culture of Child Abuse and Neglect responsible for popular American Urban storytellers Kendrick Lamar, the late Tupac Shakur as well as Christopher Wallace speaking about experiencing acute depression and suicidal thoughts throughout much of their lifetimes.

These three depressed, suicidal thinking Americans men admit they were depressed, suicidal thinking Americans teens engaging in ‘people and community’ harming anti-social behaviors adversely affecting the quality of life for their peaceful neighbors, as well as causing their peaceful neighbors to experience emotional trauma, FEAR, and REAL concerns for their personal safety as they fall asleep at bedtime counting the number of nearby or distant gunshots.

The same hair-raising nearby or distant gunshots I witnessed far too many times during the twelve years I was a Brooklyn, NY cop regularly interacting with a significant number of my American neighbors continuing to experience emotional issues related to our Culture of Racism.

Want to end gun and other violence? Heed Tupac’s words:

“The Hate U Give Little Infants Fvvks Everyone”

“We need more people who care; you know what I’m saying? We need more women, mothers, fathers, we need more of that, we don’t need any more entertainers.“ ~Tupac Shakur


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