Why Do Black Men Have Such Bad Attitudes With One Another? – YouTube

Great broadcast, Mr. J!

Prior to his murder, Arshell speaks about the topic of ‘mean muggin’ Oshay intelligently addresses.

Young Arshell Dennis Murdered By America’s Culture of Child Abuse


Social Commentator David Carroll, Coach K, #FATHERLESS American Boys

David Carroll Dr. Nadine Burke Harris Mike Krzyzewski

Because of his harsh. often condescending speech about black or Americans of African descent, quite a few folks believe Mr. David Carroll is a ‘hater.’

Yeah, David is not a polished politician and he does not try to be. However, as far as I am concerned he is the caring, responsible ‘No B.S.” relative in the family who keeps it real when expressing his genuine concerns.

“Social Commentator David Carroll, Coach K, #FATHERLESS American Boys”