Kevin Powell – If some folks are still in deep denial about racism…


via Kevin Powell – If some folks are still in deep denial about racism….


Yesterday morning at about 10:30 my doorbell rang. There stood a huge African American man with a friendly smile advising me he’s here to read my gas meter.

About 4PM I head to the market, three check-out lines are open, one manned by a young woman of African descent.

Head over to Home Depot, needing to replace a hose on the washing machine. A polite young man of African descent tells me right where the part is located on the aisle, I’m in and out in less than ten minutes.

Last stop at Auto Zone for a new headlight bulb. A young African dude working the counter alone, trying to take care of three customers at once, getting the job done.

Seems many of my neighbors of African descent are pursuing their vision of happiness, not unlike many or most of my neighbors.

I’m not sure what they should be “resisting”, I get the impression they just want to peacefully live their lives like everyone else who goes to work to provide for themselves and their families.