Danielle Young, Franchesca Ramsey, End Pro-Black Hate

via Danielle Young, Franchesca Ramsey, End Pro-Black Hate

Danielle Young, Franchesca Ramsey, End Pro-Black Hate
Danielle Young, Franchesca Ramsey, End Pro-Black Hate

Respectfully, I’d like to invite my caring, RESPONSIBLE, reasonably well-adjusted American and foreign born neighbors to witness these apparent caring fellow citizens share their thoughts and concerns…

…AND then consider WHO are the black or American citizens of African descent loudly declaring Racism or the concept of ‘white supremacy’ is impeding black American citizens from achieving equality and success?

YouTube Search Terms: ‘Exposing ‘Pro Black’ Modus Operandi, Logic, Fvvkery, Savagery, White Supremacy’ ~Mrs. Princella Clark-Carr

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBbpqGmOH4w (age-restricted)

YouTube Search Terms: ‘Pro-Black American’ Logic Succinctly Explained By Social Commentator Mr. David Carroll

Pro black Franchesca Ramsey
Danielle Young (@RhapsoDani) | Twitter
Belinda Pittman-McGee - Oprah Winfrey
Belinda Pittman-McGee – Oprah Winfrey

Now that ‘Childhood Trauma’ (#ACEs) victim-survivor Oprah Winfrey LOUDLY addressed our Nation’s CHILD CARE PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS, will YOU, a responsible, caring American citizen join Oprah & Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, MD, pediatrician & CEO of ‘The Center For Youth Wellness’, in passionately calling for a National MOVEMENT educating American & foreign born primary child caregivers about a potentially life scarring medical disease/condition:

“Childhood Trauma” aka
“Adverse Childhood Experiences” (#ACEs)

During a March 11, 2018 ’60 Minutes’ segment titled, “Treating Trauma,” Oprah Winfrey, a ‘Childhood Trauma’ (#ACEs) victim-survivor, shared knowledge regarding America’s easily PREVENTABLE, though potentially life scarring CHILD CARE PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS.

Knowledge Oprah exuberantly declares is a “game changer.”

YouTube search terms: “Oprah Winfrey Dancing On Table Tops, Fixing The ‘Hole In Your Soul'”


American (Children) Lives Matter; Take Pride In Parenting; End Our National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect; End Community Violence, Police Anxiety & Educator’s Frustrations

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