Woman Who Was Teased About Being Different, Is Now Making Money Moves Because Of It

Berlange Presilus


Frankly, I become sad, angry and frustrated with fellow human beings believing it is cool or okay to belittle, harass, bully or shame a peaceful fellow human, WHO THRU NO FAULT OF HIS OR HER OWN, is experiencing and dealing with a medical disease or condition.

Thankfully, Berlange Presilus recognized her path is to bring AWARENESS, as well as share knowledge about a rare debilitating medical disease and condition.

A medical condition that not only caused physical pain. A medical condition that caused Ms. Presilus to experience emotional pain and discomfort witnessing human ignorance, as well as lack of compassion, empathy and respect for a peaceful fellow human, who through no fault of her own, is dealing with a painful, Quality of Life harming human disease that could affect anyone one of us.


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