ESPN Gives President Obama an Hour of Air Time Tuesday Night – Breitbart


ESPN Gives President Obama an Hour of Air Time Tuesday Night

Source: ESPN Gives President Obama an Hour of Air Time Tuesday Night – Breitbart

I really wish Mr. Obama would explain why he has NOT taken meaningful ACTION to protect and prevent American children like his friend Kendrick Lamar from experiencing a criminally abusive childhood while being raised, nurtured and socialized by primary caregivers apparently experiencing some type of severe emotional or mental illness preventing them from embracing and following a parent’s natural, innate maternal or paternal urge to not only protect their child from harm, but also to place their child’s emotional well being Above All Else?

At the 2015 BET Awards, 28-year-old Obama friend Kendrick Lamar, a victim of CRIMINAL early childhood trauma/abuse/neglect/maltreatment perpetrated by violent felon family members who exposed him, his siblings & numerous cousins to gun violence & other life threatening anti-social behaviors, performed these lyrics for a world wide audience,


Kendrick Lamar – Victim of Family and Community Gang/Gun Violence
Grammy Award Winner Kendrick Lamar, a tormented, emotionally ill/disturbed popular American urban storyteller performs at the 2015 BET Awards.

In his 2015 Grammy award winning Rap Performance titled “I”, Kendrick Lamar writes, “I’ve been dealing with depression ever since an adolescent.”

In paragraph eight of a January 20, 2011 LAWeekly interview published online Kendrick, born in 1987, the same year songwriter Suzanne Vega wrote a Grammy nominated song about child abuse and VICTIM DENIAL, told the interviewer:

*”Lamar’s parents moved from Chicago to Compton in 1984 with all of $500 in their pockets.”

“My mom’s one of 13 [THIRTEEN] siblings, and they all got SIX kids, and till I was 13 everybody was in Compton,” he says.”


“My moms and pops never said nothing, ’cause they were young and living wild, too. I got about 15 stories like ‘Average Joe.'”

Kendrick also candidly reveals witnessing daily the roots of POVERTY, MASS CRIMINAL CHILD ABUSE & MALTREATMENT, UNJUST HUMAN OPPRESSION, violent, emotionally ill/disturbed felon family & community GANG members who intentionally & recklessly ignored the emotional and physical well being of their children, UNJUSTLY DEPRIVING American kids from enjoying a home and community environment where their young minds feel SAFE, loved & cared for.

I am really curious to learn why the most powerful man on our beautiful tiny blue orb is WILLFULLY ignoring our Nation’s #1 HEALTH CRISIS, aka America’s Culture of African American Child Abuse, Emotional Neglect and Maltreatment that evolved from America’s long-standing, ignorant Culture of Racism!



Are you familiar with America’s current National Health Crisis?

Doctors Ross and Dietz offer insights into how our Early Childhood Development plays a key role in determining the type of individual we mature into.

Robert K. Ross, MD, President and CEO of The California Endowment, addressed inmates at Ironwood State Prison offering a compelling overview of the role that exposure to Childhood Trauma plays in the lives of Emotionally Troubled and chronically ill American teens and adults.

At 2:12:25 in this documentary about Mafia hit-man and victim of Early Childhood Trauma/Abuse, Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski, Dr. Park Dietz explains why young Richard most likely developed into a emotionally disturbed, paranoid, cruel, heartless teen and man who did not give a frig about anyone else, including his wife and kids.

(NY Times May 18, 2015 – Rise in Suicide by Black Children Surprises Researchers)

Black Women, Suicide, Depression, Self Harm & Mental Health; PSA from Abiola Abrams

Repeat White House Guest and Obama Friend “Kendrick Lamar Talks About ‘u,’ His Depression & Suicidal Thoughts (Pt. 2) | MTV News – YouTube April 2015”

American (Children’s) Lives Matter; Take Pride In Parenting; End Our National Health Crisis; Child Abuse and Neglect; End Community Violence, Police Fear & Educator’s Frustrations

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