Black Lives Matter

Source: (1) Black Lives Matter


Hi, Kevin. Thanks for your reply. I read through the info you provided. Sadly this info provided me with another reason for becoming an aspiring misanthrope.

In the vid you shared Robert kenedy speaks about Dr. William Thompson being a CDC whistle blower exposing corrupt medical practices regarding the investigation of MMR.

I looked up Dr. William Thompson and found this vid in which it appears the corrupt CDC medical researchers were withholding info about MMR vaccinations affecting the health of American babies of all backgrounds.

Kevin, my mind tells me all humans have the potential to achieve greatness, as well as sink to the lowest depths of depravity.

Sadly, I do not believe this will ever change.

I agree with Kennedy, for multiple generations American children of African descent, especially boys have greatly suffered.

First American’s Culture of Racism embraced by far too many ignorant, slow to evolve Americans harmed American kids of African descent…

…and then a Culture of Child Abuse and Emotional Neglect emerged after the civil right era, causing untold number of boys to be raised by single moms understandably depressed and perhaps emotionally ill as a result of growing up in a culture of legal racism.

Unfortunately Tupac and Shawn Carter were early “victims” of America’s culture of child abuse and emotional neglect in that they were raised and nurtured by depressed moms apparently passing their emotional issues onto their kids…

…resulting with physically neglected and emotionally damaged kids maturing into depressed teens and adults composing American art characterizing girls and women as less than human creatures undeserving of basic human respect.

I spent twelve years witnessing significant numbers of immature, and/or emotionally ill moms damaging the heck out of young boys..which is probably why I tend to view Tupac as a victim.

Frankly, if I was raised by an emotionally ill caregiver who failed to meet my basic human needs I might have developed into a depressed, suicidal thinking teen and adult much like Tupac, Kendrick and many other American urban storytellers.

Kevin, I met Tupac and his mom. A meeting I will never forget because it caused me pain and hurt my heart.

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