Atlanta Man Experiences A Dating Naked Adventure – YouTube

Two scenes from VH1 Dating Naked Season 3 Episode 6.

In the first scene Atlanta, Georgia resident David meets Jaclyn of Salt Lake City, revealing “I grew up mostly around women. So a lot of my life I heard about men and our deficiencies, I always wanted to kinda change that…I *truly desire to be a man my wife can brag about.*”

In the second scene David meets Varshay from Raleigh, NC, who cheerfully shares, “I would never admit to being wrong. There’s been times in my life when I probably been a little wrong….but forget that, I’ve never been wrong, I’m always right.

Varshay begins her naked date on a beautiful exotic island where most reasonably well adjusted people would embrace a happy, if not euphoric state of mind.

However, apparently Varshay felt a need to expose her anger by immediately sharing with David her belief men are liars, suggesting lying may be in men’s DNA.

I queue this show because I’ve developed a fetish for watching vids of women’s naked bodies obscured by blurring effects.

Though the more importantly, watching people behaviors on shows like this assures me I’m not crazy for evolving into an aspiring misanthrope. 😀

All joking aside, these two scenes offer insights to emotional issues some or many of my American neighbors of African descent should consider honestly chatting about.



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