Sheriff Clarke: Hillary Makes Us Less Safe With ‘Foolish,’ ‘Naive’ Anti-Gun Rhetoric | Fox News Insider

Hillary Clinton has slammed Donald Trump in recent days for his position on gun control, claiming that the U.S. would immediately be a more dangerous place if the presumptive GOP nominee becomes president.

Source: Sheriff Clarke: Hillary Makes Us Less Safe With ‘Foolish,’ ‘Naive’ Anti-Gun Rhetoric | Fox News Insider

Sheriff Clarke stated, “The American ghetto is facing a gun violence epidemic.”

With all due respect to Sheriff Clarke, during the 80s-90s I was a Brooklyn, NY cop, robbery and murder investigator regularly witnessing significant numbers of American children trying to cope with an epidemic of Child Abuse, Neglect & Maltreatment responsible for messing-up the developing minds of toddlers, children and teens. Abuse and Neglect ultimately responsible for fueling gun violence, community fear, police anxiety and educator’s frustrations.

The late American recording artist and admitted “Thug” Tupac Shakur, a victim of Childhood Trauma, Abuse and Neglect, was well aware that not only are American kids being UNJUSTLY OPPRESSED and DEPRIVED from experiencing their full human potential, Tupac realized OUR NATION is being deprived of enjoying the potential achievements offered to ALL Americans by reasonably well adjusted kids maturing into responsible teens and adults who care about the future of OUR Nation.

“The Hate U Give Little Infants Fvvks Everyone”. ~Tupac on T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E.

“We don’t need no more rappers, we don’t need no more basketball players, no more football players. We need more thinkers. We need more scientists. We need more managers. We need more mathematicians. We need more teachers.”

++“We need more people who care; you know what I’m saying? We need more women, mothers, fathers, we need more of that++, we don’t need any more entertainers.“ ~Tupac Shakur

It is time to end “America’s War on Poverty,” correctly renaming our Nation’s expanding social disorder and # ONE HEALTH CRISIS known as CHILDHOOD TRAUMA, to

“America’s War on Childhood Abuse, Neglect & Maltreatment”


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