CrimeFeed – Dysfunctional, Emotionally Disturbed Caregivers, aka Parents

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News stories appearing on Crimefeed over the past ten days describing very sick, disturbed child caregivers.

Mother Accused Of Using Brillo Pad To Scrub Makeup Off Son’s Face

Mother Gets 190 Years In Jail For Keeping Adopted Daughter Locked In Chicken Coop, Making Her Wear Shock Collar

Law Student & Political Candidate Charged With Beating, Starving 2-Year-Old Foster Daughter To Death

Woman Arrested For Assault After Allegedly Having Sex With 15-Year-Old Nephew ‘Hundreds Of Times’

San Bernardino Woman Arrested For Allegedly Stabbing 5-Year-Old Son To Death

Man Charged With Child Abuse For Allegedly Forcing 5-Year-Old Girl To Eat Vomit

Woman Arrested For Child Abuse When 5-Year-Old Daughter Weighs In 19 Pounds

Mother Arrested For Threatening To “Blow Up And Shoot Up” Daycare Facility

Woman Arrested For Forcing 9-Year-Daughter To Steal Packages From Neighbors’ Porches

Cops Investigate After Toddler Is Seen Allegedly Smoking Pot On Viral Video

Mother Arrested After Man Rigs House With Cameras, Catches Her Allegedly Abusing Kids


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