Baltimore Announces $6.4 Million Settlement in the Death of Freddie Gray


Baltimore Announces $6.4 Million Settlement in the Death of Freddie Gray

Sadly, Freddie Gray was born and raised in a anti-social Baltimore Street Culture that deprived him of experiencing and enjoying a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood.

Like many childhood victims of our expanding National Epidemic of Child Abuse & Neglect, I have no doubt that Mr. Gray suffered from depression caused by a immature caregiver who failed to properly raise and nurture a young developing Mr. Gray.

Mr. Gray’s mom introduced him to a life of hardship and struggle, and now she is cashing in on her inability to protect her child from growing up depressed and filled with hopelessness.

I’d like to see the good people of Baltimore compensated for all the money they spent prosecuting and housing a depressed, criminally-minded Freddie Gray.

If his mom, Gloria Darden, required social services to raise and nurture her developing son I’d like to see that money returned to the People of Baltimore because it is evident Freddie’s mom did a monumentally poor job of raising and nurturing her depressed, angry, frustrated son.

We need to re-examine our child welfare and protections laws, protecting young developing citizens like Freddie Gray from being emotionally scarred for life by immature teen girls and women who irresponsibly begin building families before acquiring practical skills, PATIENCE and the means to raise and nurture fairly happy American kids who enjoy SAFE STREETS to play in.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Freddie Gray, one of countless victims of early childhood abuse and neglect.




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