Obama Warms Up White House for Rapper Wale – The New York Times

Recognize & Address America’s Long-Standing, Expanding National Epidemic of Childhood Abuse & Neglect

*President Barack Obama Invites Rapper Wale
To The White House* – July 2015

*First Lady Michelle Obama Teams Up With Rapper “Wale”
For a White House Event – July 2015*


How can I not admire and respect Mr. and Mrs. Obama when they rub elbows and take snapshots with a popular American rap artist who characterizes the maternal half of our population as “Bitches“?

Check out this Olubowale “Wale” Victor Akintimehin (born September 21, 1984), rap collaboration artistry.

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
“Shawty come shake that ass for me
Let a trippy nivva see what you working with
Can you clap that ass, do a handstand, girl
Make you do a wiggle, do a perfect split
She got the fattest ass, she got the perfect t!ts
I wanna get some head, come on work your lips
I’m high in the clouds ain’t coming down
I’m so turned up I can’t find the ground
Supersonic nivva got me smoking weed by the pound
Make it flip [?]
Juicy got chips like Frito-Lay
And I’m fucking these chicks out of D.O.A.
I’m so dopeboy fresh that you think that I’m selling blow tape
Your chick to be, I be a getting her pregnant in her throat”

I especially like this Wale rap performance titled “Girls on Drugs.” Though after reading his lyrics I am confused why he did not title this rap, Bitches on Drugs?”


red-dotI’ll tell ya, these lyrics remind me of the songs composed by my Motown music friends from the 60s.

Wale’s love and respect for women, our moms sisters, grandmas, daughters and aunts, is genuinely heartwarming, bringing tears to my eyes.

During his time as President of the United States of America, what has Mr. Obama and his wife done to end the National Epidemic of Child Abuse & Neglect that for decades has emotionally harmed and deprived countless American children of African descent from experiencing a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood?

Victims of Child Abuse:

Read popular American rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur (Lesane Parish Crooks; June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996) lyrics to learn about his love-hate relationship with his mom, his great disappointment with his dad, and about Tupac’s frequent suicidal thoughts.

Read about how Tupac’s drug addicted mother accepted proceeds of the harmful anti-social acts Tupac raps/writes about committing against his peaceful neighbors. I have to tell you, reading Tupac’s lyrics brings back a lot memories of the horrific emotional child abuse I witnessed during the nearly twelve year I provided police services to Shawn Carter’s community.



Shawn “Jay Z” Carter (born December 4, 1969) is another victim of child abuse/neglect who raps/writes about the physical harm and fear he caused to his peaceful neighbors and community.

Reading Shawn “Jay Z” Carter describe the pain he caused to his neighbors and community, brought back painful memories, causing me experience much of the same anxiety and pain I experienced from personally witnessing the physical and emotional pain young Shawn Carter caused to individuals as well as an entire housing complex and surrounding neighborhoods.


In 1987, the same year emotionally depressed 2015 Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar was born, songwriter Suzanne Vega wrote a song about child abuse and VICTIM DENIAL that was nominated for a Grammy.

Suzanne nailed it, parents and caregivers do the most horrific things to their kids, yet many kids will defend their abusers, blaming themselves for their “blues,” bruises and injuries before admitting a parent/caretaker harmed them.

“Yes I think I’m okay I walked into the door again
Well, if you ask that’s what I’ll say

And it’s not your business anyway”


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