Reply to: “The African American man has been through so much hate and discrimination…”

Anínesah Rodriguez correctly observed, “The African American man has been through so much hate and discrimination since the establishment of this country, and I would have to admit that considering the circumstances they are doing…”

Hello, Aninesah.

For hundreds of years African people in the USA were victims of human ignorance causing them horrible emotional trauma that Dr. Joy DeGruy writes and lectures about.

Fortunately, not everyone embraced beliefs of superiority. During the period I attended grade school in NY, society addressed the issues of racism by creating laws intended to educate and protect people from human ignorance.

Unfortunately well-intentioned social policies meant to help people were abused by many depressed African-American people who began building families without first acquiring the skills and means to independently provide for their children.

Tupac and Shawn Jay Z Carter, both born right after the social policies were established, are early victims of single moms who irresponsibly began building families they could not care for.

These men wrote rap lyrics directly or indirectly describing the pain and child abuse they suffered because their parents failed to do their job of being a loving, caring, stable people/or person they could rely on to make wise decisions for them.

As a result of being abused and neglected children, Tupac and Shawn Carter clearly describe the emotional pain and physical damage they caused to peaceful people living and working in their communities.

Some two decades later 2015 Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar is born, maturing into a young adult who raps and speaks in public about the child abuse/neglect he was exposed to as a kid…child abuse that deprived Kendrick of living a fairly safe, peaceful childhood he witnessed on TV most American kids were enjoying….child abuse that caused Kendrick to resent his parents, resentment and disappointment that Kendrick clearly defines in two LAWeekly interviews.

Anínesah, in this excerpt, Kendrick clearly defines who and what, TODAY in 2015, continues harming many Americans kids born into struggling communities.

“Lamar’s parents moved from Chicago to Compton in 1984 with all of $500 in their pockets. “My mom’s one of 13 [THIRTEEN] siblings, and they all got SIX kids, and till I was 13 everybody was in Compton,” he says.”

“I’m 6 years old, seein’ my uncles playing with shotguns, sellin’ dope in front of the apartment. My moms and pops never said nothing, ’cause they were young and living wild, too. I got about 15 stories like ‘Average Joe.'”

I personally spent nearly a dozen years witnessing many kids in a Brooklyn, NY being subjected to emotional abuse and neglect by their mostly single caretakers.

Therefore I can totally understand why Tupac raps about wanting to commit suicide…and twenty years later Kendrick Lamar raps about experiencing childhood depression.

If I was raised by either of their parents I’d be peeved to high heaven at them for introducing me and my siblings to life in a community populated by many who are suffering from the “Cognitive Dissonance” Dr. Joy DeGruy writes and lectures about.

The emotional damage done to many kids is: >>> “wild” parents slowly conditioning their children to accept “The Street” culture that causes emotional harm to developing toddlers, children and teens who just want to live a safe, fairly happy life, much like Kendrick wanted to live but was deprived of experiencing because his parents were victims of the Cognitive Dissonance Dr. DeGruy writes and lectures about.

Thanks to immature moms irresponsibly building small and large families they cannot reasonably expect to flourish and thrive, peaceful people become victims of abused, depressed children who mature into teens and adults lacking compassion and empathy, or deciding their life sucks so what is the point about caring for others.

During this May 14, 2015 chat about poverty with OReilly, Tavis Smiley talks about becoming successful while his NINE brothers and sisters continue to struggle.

Let’s be honest, Aninesah. As young Tavis’s mind matured he no doubt recognized his mom acted irresponsibly when at eighteen-years-old she choose to begin building a large family before she acquired the maturity, patience, skills and means to nurture and care for her children.

Same for young Micheal Graham-Singleton of Baltimore, whose mom Toya Graham, at the tender age eighteen-years-old began building a large family that she intentionally introduced to a community populated with depressed, struggling people…the same depressed struggling people she witnessed when she was a child in the community.

When considering her level of education and the nature of the community she was going to raise and nurture her children in, why would a loving, responsible mom/person build a large family she could not possibly expect to thrive and prosper.

I have no doubts there were many occasions Michael Graham-Singleton silently asked himself, “Why did my mom have so many kids she can’t properly care for, did she want us to experience pain, struggle and hardships?”

Aninesah, I was a toddler when Motown was in its infancy, we grew up together as virtual friends. My Motown friend wrote and composed awesome music that made me and most all my neighbors smile and dance, wanting to celebrate life.

Despite the social tumult during that period of American history when Americans were addressing and attempting to correct a human ignorance known as racism, I had no beef with black people because they were writing/composing music about peace, love and unity.

Fast forward to the early 1980s when I applied for a career with the NYPD.

Early in my police career when I was assigned to a Brooklyn community a few of my training officers advised me to be prepared to experience “culture shock.” When I asked what is meant by “culture shock,” I was told, “You’ll find out.”

I did find out what “culture shock” is, though it was not a culture of violence and harmful anti-social activities many were insinuating I would be shocked by.

The aspect of this Brooklyn, NY community that shocked me to the core was witnessing children being emotionally scarred by a “culture of child abuse/neglect” that Kendrick Lamar raps and speaks about some twenty-five years after I first witnessed the “Culture of Child Abuse/Neglect” that today CONTINUES emotionally damaging many developing children and their communities.

Anínesah, today in 2015 I believe a vast majority of Americans recognize that all human beings are born with a capacity for achieving greatness that improves their lives and contributes to improving the quality of lives for our neighbors.

However, reading online blogs it is clear some or many of today’s Americans embrace stereotypes that lead to racial prejudice. Stereotyping and prejudice are human attitudes the human species is still struggling with as we continue to evolve as a species of animals blessed with intelligence that allows us to improve ourselves as we evolve.

Sadly, and this is just my opinion, Anínesah…I believe until my fellow Americans from all backgrounds can somehow educate and convince many American young teens and women of African descent to become more responsible when building families, many Americans will continue to embrace racial prejudice and stereotyping.

Me, I am sad many children and grandchildren of my Motown friends have for over thirty years been writing rap and hip hop performance lyrics that demeans people of color.

I am sad the beautifully composed music and messages of peace, love and unity my Motown friends shared with our entire world, is today being ‘sampled,’ or exploited by young rap and hip hop performers and their producers who characterize females as “witches and bhores,” or essentially less than human creatures not worthy of their respect.

I am sad I spent nearly a dozen years of my adult life (a life that from the very beginning was raised and nurtured to embrace compassion and empathy; instilled through love and discipline) witnessing on a daily basis toddlers, children, teens being emotionally abused and maltreated by their irresponsible, immature caregivers who were mostly single moms.

I was sad for my civilian co-workers, most all married or single-moms living in the community were burdened with the added stress of preventing their children from being influenced and harmed by “The Street” culture Baltimore grandmother Toya Graham was struggling to prevent her son Michael from becoming immersed in.

After witnessing Michael’s young teen friends and school classmates acting in a depraved manner, showing an indifference for human life toward people trying to protect their peaceful neighbors from the emotional and physical harm caused by depressed kids raised by immature, “wild” parents who neglect their children’s emotional needs, I believe Ms. Graham may have lost her struggle to keep her son from being influenced and harmed by “The Street.”

Watching video of children pelt police with bricks and boulders told me someone failed these kids in a major way.

The anger Michael’s teen friends and school classmates were venting came from years of frustration after being born to a life of struggle and hardship by a young immature mom who at the time in her young life selfishly looked out for her own well being, disregarding the pain and struggle she witnessed other kids suffer when she was a child and younger teen growing up in the community. I have met and/or arrested several adolescents who emotionally expressed outrage at their moms for giving them life. On my blog I write about one child I met who reminds me of Kendrick, he just wanted to be a regular kid with regular parents.

I am sad kids like Michael Graham-Singleton lay in bed at night, get up for school, play with their friends, all while filled with a simmering rage and resentment for being introduced to a life of poverty filled with hardship, pain and struggle…a life that caused Tupac Shakur to wake in the morning wondering if he should “blast” himself. A life that is most likely responsible for the rise in suicide among black kids and young adults recently reported in the NYTimes.

I am sad the simmering rage and resentment these children’s minds are being tormented by was vented on police, most all of whom were raised and nurtured to respect life by their caregivers, communities and educators.

Unfortunately, spending a significant amount of time dealing with on a daily basis the simmering rage and resentment many abused/neglected kids are emotionally harmed by, can slowly erode compassion and empathy when trying to protect one’s self from potential grave harm that depressed, unpredictable teens and adults often cause to peaceful people living and working in the community.

I am sad Ms. Graham, Tavis Smiley’s mom, Kendrick Lamar’s “wild living” parents for whatever reasons, built large families of human beings who experience the hardships of poverty.

I am sad that each one of the moms I just mentioned, made poor decisions that resulted in them failing to raise a family of somewhat happy children who all mature into somewhat happy adults raising their own somewhat happy family of children.

Frankly, Anínesah, I am angry at moms who selfishly make poor choices. Not only are they introducing children to a early life of struggle and pain, they are creating depressed angry children who become a real and imminent threat to safety and security of their peaceful neighbors and entire community.

Anínesah, you shared, “The African American man has been through so much hate and discrimination…”

No sane person will dispute my Motown friends and their predecessors were emotionally damaged and victimized by hundreds of years of human ignorance. I’m sure some of the ignorance lingers today.

Though I believe the emotional damage many of my Motown friend’s kids and grand-kids are experiencing and expressing in their Rap Hip Hop performances is a direct result of teens and young women becoming moms before they acquire the skills, maturity and patience required to nurture a child wearing a somewhat what happy face as a teen and adult, until they become old and cranky like me. 🙂

Anínesah, I am offended and tired of hearing women being referred to as witches and bhores, any ideas for changing that attitude?



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