Young Thug, Victim of Black on Black Crime: Maternal Child Abuse



via Young Thug Is Not The Type Of Man He’d Like You To Think He Is.

Jeffrey Williams
Jeffrey “Young Thug” Williams
(born August 9, 1992)

Jeffrey “Young Thug” Williams (born August 9, 1992)

“Young Thug grew up as one of 11 children in the projects of Atlanta.

He’s always been a guy who values connections. Young Thug sees those he works with as close as the family he always knew.

So for those wondering if there is some sort of romantic intentions behind the way Young Thug behaves regarding his male friends and male recording artists he admires, you’d have to hear Young Thug reflect on his family life and experience growing up.

That experience is definitely alluded to within all the vague lyrics and piecemeal phrases and sentences which dot the music here and there on a Young Thug song. Growing up in a big family, not having much, wasn’t easy. Some either fell victim to crime or to a criminal lifestyle, including Thug. But within that struggle, close bonds were formed. And he appreciates family and keeping people close.

Despite armed security, Young Thug’s recording sessions are open doors for family and friends. Fader reported on how it looks during one of Young Thug’s recording sessions.

“Midway through the session at Metro’s, two of Thug’s sisters, Max and Dora, stop by on their way back from the skating rink. The family remains close, and is pretty thrilled by Thug’s success.”

Along with his sisters, Young Thug’s recording sessions include friends he grew up with and close associates. If there was any question why he’s known to idolize certain people, it is probably just an extension of idolizing the peers he grew up with, and all the close connections he had. He hasn’t changed that way of looking at things just because he’s had success in the music industry.

So, if you are wondering why he has openly expressed love for Gucci Mane and expressed an overbearing and uncomfortable admiration for Lil Wayne, it may not be what you think. Though his behavior is hard to classify, it’s not hard to understand for people who know him well.”



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