Racist Police Text Video Released (Warning: Disturbing Content) – YouTube




via Racist Police Text Video Released (Warning: Disturbing Content) – YouTube.

Commentator: “It seems they [police] are insulting everyone on the planet, including their co-workers.”

Insulting everyone on the planet?

Seems these cops aren’t much different from rapper Lil Wayne, who not only insults people for dissin’ him or his crew, he whips out a shotgun or his AK auto weapon he raps about in “Respect Us.”

Yeah, it is sad when decent people who were raised and nurtured to respect life, become cops and witness hoards of young men like Lil Wayne disrespecting and threatening the lives of peaceful people in the community.


Sadly, some citizens who become police officers are not mentally tough enough to deal with the multiple challenge of dealing with teens and adults who were nurtured in a culture of child abuse…the culture of abuse and neglect Lil Wayne and most American rappers describe in their performances.

Not making excuses for poor behavior, just offering a possible reason for why some cops become emotionally damaged after witnessing so much sadness and grief many kids have to contend with as they try to mature into peaceful people….in many cases a process of maturity that is impeded by their parents or community member who have adopted “The Street” life Baltimore grandmother Toya Graham speaks about.



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