Are NYS Politician’s Encouraging Child Abuse and Poverty?


6/2/2015, 8:18:47 AM · 11 of 11

PapaBear3625 to AveryJarhman

Ghetto women become moms because of the benefits of being a mom. Take away, or seriously reduce, the welfare payouts, remove the incentives, and the problem will be reduced.

One of the current scams is for teen mom to declare she “cannot take care of” her kids, and gives them up to foster care. Grandma volunteers to be foster mom (relatives are given preference). Foster care pays grandma per child, and this is not subject to TANF time limits.

In New York, foster care rates include: $746/month for a child over 12 (this goes up to $1,818/mo if the child is deemed “special needs”, which provides an incentive to get the child to qualify as such), plus up to $83/mo for clothing allowances, plus likely eligibility for food stamps, Section 8, etc, etc.

Hell, I’m middle class and I don’t spend that much money per child to feed and clothe them.

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