Why Police Love/Hate American Drug Dealer/Rapper Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter




Marcy Houses – undated


Hi. During the 80s-90s there were hundreds of Brooklyn cops and investigators who loved/hated Shawn ‘JayZ’ Carter and his crew of drug dealers.

Thanks to Shawn and the anti-social activities his crew of teens/adults engaged in, including selling highly addictive drugs to his neighbors and shooting his competitors from the nearby Tompkins and Lafayette Houses, hundreds of thousands of dollars in police overtime were generated while investigating the murders, shootings and armed robberies resulting from the drug activity Shawn proudly raps about.

Yup, we loved the OT Shawn “JayZ” Carter generated, however, being mostly well-adjusted people raised to embrace compassion and empathy for our fellow-man, many cops hated seeing the emotional pain and physical damage Shawn and his crew caused to mostly peaceful people already struggling to get by.

As much as I loved the overtime, witnessing the damage drug dealers like Shawn did to people in this community, watching infants, toddlers, children, teens suffer abuse/neglect day after day while being raised by drug addicted moms and/or dads, much like Tupac Shakur writes about, becomes extremely emotionally debilitating for most people raised and nurtured to respect ALL life.

Somehow I managed to last nearly a dozen years before constantly witnessing the emotional and physical harm eventually wore me down to the point where I requested to be transferred to a more stable community for my own sanity and mental health.

However, as much as I despise and feel sorry for victims of child abuse/neglect like Shawn JayZ Carter and teens/men much like him who aided in damaging/destroying individual lives and harming their community as a whole, I have to thank Shawn for directly or indirectly generating plenty of OT that helped support my family for many years.


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