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Dr. Stacey Patton observed, “If hostility to whites were ever going to dominate a Negro’s attitude and reach murderous proportions, surely it would be during a riot.”

Doctor Patton, I’ve spent the past several months reading Rap Hip Hop lyrics written by popular American rappers, many of whom were born and raised in a community similar to the Brooklyn, NY community I provided police services to for nearly a dozen years.

Reading these teen’s and men’s rap lyrics I observe little hate for white people, while I DO read plenty of hate, nastiness and disrespect directed at other people in their community.

I am not going to quote the hundreds of juvenile, demeaning terms American teen and adult rappers use to denigrate and degrade other people, though I recently read one demeaning term Curtis ‘50 Cent’ James Jackson III (born July 6, 1975) used to describe his neighbors, a term I found particularly nasty.

Curtis ’50 Cent’ James Jackson III described some people in his neighborhood as “grimy niggas.”

Several urban dictionaries offer different definitions for a “grimy nigga,” though none of these definitions include the genesis for the term.

The question is why are many rappers hating and disparaging each other as well as others?

Another question Doctor Patton, is why are many rappers characterizing women, aka their moms, sisters, grandmothers and daughters as “bitches and whores,” totally unlike music composers/performers from a few generations ago who wrote beautiful music praising, loving and adoring women?

Dr. Patton, there is a segment of the American population who in my opinion does not wish to recognize the human ignorance of our past for what it is…human ignorance.

At one time in human history supposedly many believed our tiny blue orb was flat. At another point we believed the sun and universe revolved around our planet. And sadly there was a period of human ignorance when we believed one race of humans was superior to another.

There seems to be some/many Americans unwilling to recognize that we are humans constantly evolving, learning about ourselves and our physical world. We have made mistakes, in fact we have made many egregious mistakes that harmed us.

One of those egregious mistakes was ignorantly forcibly enslaving and exploiting a race of human beings who were believed to be less capable or competent.

Growing up during the turmoil of the 60s one thing that stood out in my mind was The Four Tops, Ms. Diana Ross and The Supremes, Curtis Mayfield’s The Impressions, Sam Cooke, The Temptations and dozens of other black music artists who were making me smile.

In my developing mind, I viewed black musicians as good people who create sounds that make me feel good…how can they be lesser when they are showing me they make sounds just as appealing as other music artists I admired? Plus, many had a unique sound, style and great hair.

As I matured and could better comprehend the impact our human ignorance had on black people, who wrote great music for our world to enjoy, I realized the emotional pain they suffered would take time to heal.

Sadly, there are Americans who wish to exploit the pain caused by our past human ignorance, instead of seeking ways to heal the wounds that today most Americans recognize black people around our tiny blue orb have suffered due to human ignorance known as racism.

These upset Americans seem intent with clinging to our ignorant past, while ignoring that as a human species we are evolving, learning about ourselves, improving our collective lot through education and societal laws designed to protect us from human ignorance.

Dr. Patton, I am still trying to figure out why many of today’s urban music performers write lyrics characterizing their moms, sisters, grandmas and daughters as less than human or prostitutes?

I would truly like to learn why many American Rap and Hip Hop performers are writing lyrics characterizing many females as less than human?

Perhaps you have a theory?


Stacey Patton – Umph, umph, umph. Isn’t white supremacy… | Facebook

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