‘Empire’s’ Danny Strong on Writing Outside His Comfort Zone from KCRW’s The Business

When I take a look at the big picture, imo Empire’ Co-Creator Danny Strong has joined the ranks of modern day media slvve masters like Jimmy Iovine,  Suge Knight, Kanye West, to name a few.

All men who write or produce rap and hip hop performances glorifying violence, as well as demeaning females of all ages, as well as perpetuating negative racial stereotypes,  <B>and most importantly, promote performance <B>lyrics</B> that influence developing children to make poor choices often resulting in them harming their peaceful neighbors, being confined to a detention facility, or worse!

In his 2015 Grammy award winning Rap Performance titled “I”, Kendrick Lamar writes, “I’ve been dealing with depression ever since an adolescent.”

I spent nearly a dozen years providing police services to a NYC community overflowing with children experiencing depression. I witnessed why in many cases children become depressed.

I witnessed peaceful people in the community experiencing depression and fear over matters concerning their Rap Hip Hop influenced neighbors who engaged in anti-social activities that made them have grave concerns for their family’s safety.

I am not writing about isolated cases of peaceful people experiencing fear and depression over concerns about being physically harmed by their anti-social,  emotionally/physically abused, poorly supervised children/teen and/or adult neighbors.

I am writing about innocent people spending day after day fending off the influences of Rap Hip Hip embracing youngsters and adults, protecting their own children from being influenced by the angry, disrespectful lyrics written by the teens, men and women who embrace the Rap Hip Hop Culture…as well as protecting themselves and family’s from the anti-social acts described in many Rap HH lyrics.

Danny Strong’s own leading lady recently shared a chat with Wendy Williams, both proclaiming their love for PitBull, a man who writes lyrics clearly disrespecting females, essentially characterizing them as less than human. My jaw dropped watching Ms. Henson’s cluelessness and lack of critical thinking skills throughout this interview.. I write about them on my blog.

Mr. Danny Strong should consider requesting access to a juvenile detention or foster care facility and interview the residents to get a feel of how his “great idea for a movie turned TV show’ and the culture it glorifies impacts the lives of children in communities throughout our nation that embrace the Rap Hip Hop culture.

If Danny Strong wants drama, he should write about the experiences of children like Kendrick Lamar who revealed to entire world, "I’ve been dealing with depression ever since an adolescent.”


‘Empire’s’ Danny Strong on Writing Outside His Comfort Zone from KCRW’s The Business

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